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tv   The Car Wash Scandal  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2018 6:32am-7:00am +03

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jews tyrus for eleven countries and connect economies worth ten trillion dollars a year secular stages warned african countries to be careful in their dealings with china rex tillerson is on his first official visit to the continent he warned countries there not to give up this sovereignty when they accept loans from beijing tillotson met with the chairman of the african union in ethiopia he said the visit is proof of close ties between the united states and africa syrian activists have posted videos showing or looks like a chlorine gas attack in eastern go to comes after another video emerged appearing to show phosphorus bombs being dropped on the enclave syrian government forces almost three weeks into a major offensive on the rebel stronghold. rallies are being held around the world to mark international women's day this was the scene in spain's capital madrid as thousands of women joined a twenty four hour strike it's estimated more than five september twenty fourth
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national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand that i love and we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. provoking one of the largest corruption investigations in south american history the cold war scandal has left its mark on countries from brazil to. business leaders multinational corporations and politicians have been caught up in on occasion ranging from bribery and money laundering to distorting the democratic process had to the case some photos we sent reporter gustavo could reach to find out.
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the biggest corruption scandal in brazil and latino america began by accident this petrol and car was complex in the nation's capital. it was march seventeenth two thousand and fourteen and the federal police team had the location on the surveillance they believed it was the center of a money laundering operation run by a former convicted criminal i'll bet you're safe. to say. the. latest on the new leads a group of state prosecutors overseeing what is now known or the carwash investigation discovered you. don't have to say. to.
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me that this is. a little bit of walking in one of the ways to look at the rise. of a vector and put over us the national oil company turned out to be. the executive in charge of refining and supply if a school people who have cost. i was arrested after trying to destroy evidence and held without bail. in. this. for. about the cost of this is the boy's video. of what. he. is both. for you big. the rover was just one of many bribes he received contracts to construction companies the money launderers have also negotiated
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a plea bargain with the law enforcement dust force that had been set up in the city of. yousef and confessed to police that the bribing scheme was much larger than anything day imagined he knew. this is. in the us in. all. those begun a wide ranging investigation of corruption leading to the highest levels of brazilian financial and political power. still ongoing the carwash investigation has now spread to eleven countries more than one hundred fifty executives some politicians have already been arrested or convicted. the scandal is exposing an entrenched system in which multinational companies dispense personal and political party bribes to promote their interests. the fallout is ensnaring letting american elites and shaking governments to their core. nuke is about as useful dog opes
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all just all money is fault or is it you know with his legacy and office of transparency international and n.g.o.s that combats corruption around the world he has been working closely with prosecutors on the carwash case. if you see is here the systemic just put us on the phone and. you're going to. move and systemize if you get on mir's most is there more than this is very inspiring how could you explain the fact that you have a job to place here impressive how was it possible what was the significance of the case your problem on their own but as you were systemic or make a new year's more. or no more deals what i mean to contractors that is norfolk i scholar was followed is. the movie result but he
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is on this. for even so. there. was. possibly also. you're going to federal police inspector philip has the financial crimes unit of the force. to. tell us. up a little bit us was he put as well as up while. well as this. but i. don't enjoy. according to a secret agreement that existed for more than ten years the cartel would nominate one of its members to be awarded each bit robust contract for refineries oil rigs and other multi-million dollar projects.
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but. the rules resulted in steep over payments for the work done. executives were bribed to go along and they coast built into the contract. in fact this scheme stretched. to building stadiums for the two thousand and fourteen world cup the two thousand and sixteen olympics and other major infrastructure projects throughout the country . traditionally. yaz is made usual your will to see. in june two thousand and fifteen
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the task force move against the construction companies in the cartel twelve top level executives were arrested. but. the most powerful. c.e.o. of the company that bears his name. is the largest construction company latino america its bing operation. members and the most extensive in the region. this. blog is a source. that he she is still please. give me much.
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on march eighth two thousand and sixteen marcello the bitch was sentenced in one thousand years in prison for corruption. and criminal association. we headed to some other in northeast brazil to get the other bridge company's response to the scandal the business was founded here in one thousand nine hundred four by monticello the bridges grandfather and the city is still its headquarters. all the shoal your current business interests or are very historic and mostly. iraq and. he's a longtime member of the other bridgeboro played actors despite the conviction of its c.e.o. other bridge still operating more than twenty countries around the world and had
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revenues of about twenty six billion dollars last year but there will always be voices. morgaine join with those but is that what their british space was so obsessed fate. was out there i was there about you've read g g. g over g absolute to suspect. the company was too slow to warm up to deny everything to deny deny and deny i know what this. more they seem to do to relive this is a good use of use you can do it on a human school my eyes let me. do going to deck a busy deck of this deck at the sea to walk in the wood as you keep see the. deer they'd a dodge at all being set of damage bhargava one more weasel why should we. expedite
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the process of diversity and invent a corruption that it made war in a competitive way it was able to prove that it has also an amazing capability of organizing a very efficient corruption and pull the most of force diem but in the. you know c.b.s. all. sygate are already over. due for good review according to authorities other bridge that ran an intricate off the books accounting system and how did so on bank to bribe note only
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company executives by politicians that started to become clear when marcello there but it's begun talking in hopes of reducing his one thousand years sentence. if. you want. to see. members of all the major political parties in brazil receive kickbacks in exchange for appointing petrobras executives dozens of congressmen senators and ministers have been implicated in this country or the bridge is testimony of a body blow to the workers' party a former president. and he successor. after. the model said he was impeached you know was two thousand and sixteen two weeks later i was formally charged with corruption in connection with the carwash scandal
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well but i see sleep was being held to account investigators were also making steady progress on the international front with the help of the us justice department. the movement. is just part of the scheme is that. up to in the moment if you're saying. hold the phone which of those. you're just for nasa. in december two thousand and sixteen the company pled guilty to american charges that it provided almost eight hundred million dollars in bribes for more than one hundred projects in twelve countries. all the british agreed to pay a three point five billion dollars fine undisclosed details of its corrupt activities in latin america and africa. or the elementals of those those in. ms mechanism plug in play. whatever it is guilty plea set of
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investigations throughout latin america. key to those differences is suffering how the money flow from other bridge to corrupt officials through countries like panama that specialize in offshore banking. but. the investigative unit often i mean a newspaper. he says police investigators here uncovered up on a main company tied to all the bridge. international and sort. of the great. they were like to. buy me a sequel more went on. many of the shell
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companies used by members of the brazilian construction cartel to dispense bribes were set up by mossad fonseca the law firm of the center of the bottom up paper seek which expose the financial dealings of some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world most of. us yes. they have been. us. superman most of. us this is he taught. us. this as he get. to wrestle. more. than their. pan am i was not only a conduit for corrupt payments it was a good place for sweetheart deals. over there but it's.
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done. so are you doing at the moment all the ground on average or below. that it's between two thousand and ten and two thousand and fourteen on the bridge paid tens of millions of dollars in bribes to secure public works contracts one of the most profitable was building the coast highway. but i didn't you know buy on the edges you must but i'm pretty. sure it was. a legislator with the country's governing body has been questioning the pricing of the project for years separate to sing my your can we were going to. get immunity maybe you said. you know when you're nice you may. he sat. by iraqi. in which i. am and that.
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was in july two thousand and seventeen other bridge reach an agreement with the panama to pay two hundred twenty million dollars in fines and provide information about public corruption to settle bribery charges in the country. by. border the military that is. out of. kenya antonioni meaning me your any if. that means only watch you. all the way other brits conducted its business are growing for old latin america. the latest flashpoint is peru where the country's ruling establishment to sunder seach from its connections to the company. better on paper let's listen for the figure beneath. our tourney world that i won some just the public money but all from two thousand to two thousand and five during the presidency of alejandro toledo now accused of having bribes from other bridge yeah
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most. of it just. sort of being the view we said again. while the british wanted the lion's share of a multi-billion dollar highway project in the peruvian coast to brazil and they got it too late though has been charged with accepting a twenty million dollar bribe to steal them the business according to the head of all the british in bed or who confessed in two thousand and sixteen the final deal was struck in brazil. to go back up on the us which prison cell. but it never who knows some of it is actually hundred million my special interview program prosecutors are trying to extradite a letter from the u.s. to face bribery charges which he denies. the british didn't just pay off indeed all politicians the company promoted its interest by gaining influence over the political system itself in the early game i believe it. or not but i can say you
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know what i've seen ok i've got to be in there but i'm over here and if you know your political scene almost in the fall it will be and you know you know personally i am never. admitted to giving millions of dollars to the nationalist party to finance to complain about young. president from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and sixteen. receiving only guess on that little muscle of the british illegal may be days. when you. were a group doing. cheek want to please you can three million dollars and complain but at the city's company supported the left not only to promote other branches centrist in peru but to curry favor with loyalist workers party in brazil you know what i'd wish she were imperiously key to the medical. presidential ski
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forcing. that ms million people each his money and. economic are here present allegedly. ga ga above is correct if there. was a being people political move for the on the you elect to see and they learned the the. sort of the that the hero police the. un earlier. on with. the us it's only here though it was going to see a lot of people. both on his wife and i mean area who was general secretary of the nationalist party are now in prison awaiting trial. conservative opposition leader . and her popular force party are also being investigated for taking money from other bridge to fund her two thousand and eleven presidential bid she says the
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accusation is false but most said all the bridge has testified that his company helped finance her campaign. on the in february but other confirmed giving more than a million dollars to support for in the presidential race why put them in developing a political say a bad apples but at the heels of his if he named after him in. forced to kneel for . economy. or as. that's december the guy was kununurra right at the doorstep of purpose current president. yes it's your genes eat your list congress launch impeachment proceedings against the sheens keep alleging his companies received almost eight hundred thousand dollars from other bridge while he was serving as a public official who she's getting nice all wrong doing and not only aborted impeachment but prosecutors continue to investigate his company's dealings with all the bridge that i sit at the nickel filling in that's it of atlantis we can it is.
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it is it all of you know what i mean there were no women of this. bubbler son just attorney general is overseeing the prosecution and investigation of perverts president and other high level officials for dealings with other bridge why do you think he led by jack a case when so far in peru how does corruption in peru now compare with the historical corruption of standards here in the most of the middle east. is that the brain is a bit but i'll bet over the gases that integral is. the basis of it but i wouldn't deny the bit of it is shown to the lead to us. the very second film the most likely doolittle's and that is doubt you know politico's and debase. the manikin the most on his own almost as though he said we pull would look into that the same as how it is he did i think if you're having a. when isn't it when a friend in us is a lady that in a little discipline over there with me. every week seems to bring new developments
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around the world in connection with the car wash scandal governments from a quarter to one gold are dealing with the repercussions of the case. back in brazil the supreme court is considering former president lula subpoena all of a twelve year sentence he received for corruption these plans to run for president i mean danger of being the rail. i love i shout to l.a. just stop a bullet it don't die political because india. stopped by their support a bit dull live for their ad discourteous of the system when they look at my said i'm a lot month is that if you can know as opposed to no ellison i was selling real guns here produced in the fall says there were democrats will file system g. started you did one sin stop but you sushi had a deal so scarce as hoops so pleasant to quote this you are whatever a warm into this is cited but i would doubtless have bought into going to die just
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already a good course so before that. i was one of the rich they don't any hopes the agreements he does sign with eight countries will allow it to continue operating us one of the largest construction companies in the world. or the us wants to continue work can you give me a compelling reason why after all that we know after all the lies will work towards . i should now trust all the british the waste for if you need to. process your couple more feeding. it worship is so overly picky. that i will be at my aunt will be going to my. body up to you i just want to last december they kind of wish taskforce reimbursed bit of last more than two hundred million dollars that the company overpaid for contracts as a result of corruption by executives on the construction company could tell. you so i almost said ok that it came out that despite the dock was the style that people
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but is on us was the fault of the image coming down to those precise. incoming in fact the last pulse almost as if my sisters also sell process i was shopping but as you always know where. oh no i only wish you guys so i will process i love my shop boys you know but as you know much it to which i speak that you have always had a bit as you. will know. if this behavior that you don't then we work on seems to sort of turn the head to my holding a sort of look if the most of the ca is the most productive as well is where you can probably manage with this type of an open door level so an idea from what you say he let's just say that. the better man indignantly you don't know almost the estimate because a significant aspect exhumed remember when doing so but. because of a couple is essential you could if there had been some growth will be. at the end they
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say to get me to seize. it. train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies and the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers we pick it up that's not in the it's a professional america's guns secret pipeline to syria and this time on al jazeera when the news breaks when people need to be heard. to good to me is.
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my brain and this story needs to be told asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring a mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people a bigger brother. beaks. the spine on a zero for a man who's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we're not that we want to present a positive image and change the steering typical expectation of women for them it's
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about more than just racing yes you can still be a good on lonely woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong our money people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf a man's sailing stock at this time on algis. u.s. president accepts an invitation to me north korean leader kim jong un within the next two months. and i'm james up in this is a live from doha also coming up donald trump makes it official.


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